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2020 has been a clusterf*&k of a year. But it's also been pretty productive for me. I moved cities, I'm currently studying for a new field... we've had a global pandemic, worldwide lock downs and an upcoming presidential vote unlike any we've seen before.


So, the other day a former employer created the most disgusting lies about me on a facebook post... like we are talking an official filing in the courts for slander and defamation. And what followed is insight into how disgusting this woman is... had friends attack me on the page (a public platform) from the [...]


Featured image by Joshua Newton on Unsplash Yesterday I started something new on my instagram (@riverfallonart), I started doing daily card readings for the world and humanity as a whole. The readings are to help give us as people, the guidance we need and provide a little bit of knowledge on moving forward with a [...]


It got to the point where, growing up, when people or teachers asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I felt ashamed or embarrassed about saying "actor"... I then started saying that I didn't know. Eventually that "I don't know" became self-sabotage with everything I did, even relationships... because, there would always be someone better... or there was only a one in a million shot I would succeed... why take the risk?