I've been homeless, so here's my reaction to this "helping the homeless" video


I lost myself…

Many years ago, this blog was my little creative baby. It was a booming blossoming passion project that I absolutely fucking loved. But then, something happened. My sister died. Not the first death I had encountered ... but finally the one that broke me. I moved on to a more spiritual calming life, but slowly [...]

The “N” word and the “F” word

WARNING: This post may trigger some people. Plain and simple. Before we even begin this post, let me start by saying I am a white gay male who grew up in South Africa. Boom immediately I've been called a racist by some of you... I know this, because some people have called me a racist [...]


This February will be the three year anniversary of my sister's death. After she passed, I cancelled this blog... but always kept it up. After my long hiatus I have decided to return to the blogesphere and relaunch Style Me Manly... So get ready... because Imma bout to come back hard...


As the sunshine approaches, so to does the need to go where swimming and sand are all around! The Beach. Or a pool. But, what do you wear to these places? Personally, I think thank speedos and itty bitty bathing suits are best suited to those who have a swimmers body, and actually use them [...]