Making the New Blog Easy

Hi Guys, so as you know my new platform for the blog is a stand alone website and no longer on here. Though every now and then I will post updates on what’s happened on the blog with links, I’ve made it easy for you to follow the posts by signing up for bloglovin… so click the image below and you will be taken to the best site to follow all your favourite blogs! Mine should be one of them…




As you know by now, I’ve moved this blog over to another source and name… Here’s what you can read from this week on the new blog:









Did you miss me?

Hopefully you guys have been missing my writing here as much as I’ve missed writing… So I’ve actually embedded this whole site (so I don’t lose all the awesome articles) onto my new blog that is launching on Monday!

So I will keep some updates going here for all my followers because there are so many of you… but I will also send over the new website domain as well as the bloglovin so that you can follow the new one!

Looking forward to a new chapter and god i’ve missed bloggin!


Hi Everyone, as you know I took a little hiatus. Focusing on where I want my life to go.

I have chosen to relaunch my blog, as a more personal, spiritual and positive journey. The content may be the same… but the driving force behind it is different.

Over the years that I had this blog, I accumulated some of the most amazing readers and followers, and I would like to invite you all on a new journey with me.

And so, the new blog has just launched, and it’s not just a blog the way this one was… it’s a journey and celebration of life… which is why it’s simply under my name.

Feel free to join me at

If not, it was great spending time with you on here, and I wish you all a beautiful journey of your own.



I haven’t written much of late, as there have been some major changes in my personal life… big changes.

We can say these personal developments began when my younger sister passed away last year… I went through a whirlwind of change… won a coveted public title, gave it back, lost friends, made new ones, quit jobs…

All to become who I was meant to be, and finding myself.

I was origionally going to cancel this blog… but it’s a part of me, and should reflect me.  So it won’t end, it will evolve… just as I have… Please stay tuned for a new look, feel, content and more coming June 2016

Peace & Love,



As the sunshine approaches, so to does the need to go where swimming and sand are all around! The Beach. Or a pool. But, what do you wear to these places?

Personally, I think thank speedos and itty bitty bathing suits are best suited to those who have a swimmers body, and actually use them when swimming… at the olympics. Continue reading “LOOK BOOK #118”


The time has come for me to say goodbye to the city and fulfill my dreams.  After the loss of my sister a year ago, there’s been an awakening in me… one that shows there is more to this life than chasing the glamour and money and lifestyle we see in the media.

With my lease expiring in a few months, I’ve decided to move outside the city, and am looking for the right piece of land to start “Haven”.

Haven is going to be a sort of rescue for older dogs in shelters than have a slim chance of being adopted, or those that are high on the kill list.

Haven will be a place where these animals, the souls, that gave their love to humans only to be forgotten can get the chance to live out the last of their days in freedom, loved and cared for.

This will be a non-profit organization, and will stay afloat not just by relying on donations, but we will provide a “Doggie Hotel” for people going on holiday, we will also be creating homemade products for your pets and some for you to keep us afloat.

We will offer city dwellers the chance to come for some nature retreats on the farm, just to get away and reconnect and will offer volunteer opportunities.

While it will be a Haven for dogs… there will be some sanctuary for human souls too.

This is something that is much need in our society.

I am now asking people, humbly, for help.  Over the next three months we will be raising the funds as initial capitol to secure a space.

There are volunteers working on government grants and business proposals with me to help make this a reality.

You can help by liking and sharing our Facebook page

Donate to the Gofund Me

Or buy one of our first range of products

Every share, every like and every penny will be going towards this endeavour.